Italian Easter

What traditions do you have in your own country for Easter (if any)? I’m right here to tell you something about mine in Italy!


Let’s start from Catholic traditions, because Easter means “Jesu’s resurrection”; it isn’t the same date evey year (like Christmas), it usually is on a Sunday between March (what we call low Easter) and April (then called high Easter). Honestly I don’t know and understand how the date is calculated…because I’m not a perfect Catholic devotee, but I like the Easter atmosphere anyway. . 

“Quaresima” (Lent) is the (40 days) period before Easter where you should follow a kind of vegan diet..the easiest and simpliest reason is to remember the many sacrifices Jesus did for us, but only few people really pursue it! I’m the first one who doesn’t do it. It’s pretty hard, if not impossible, for me to give up for 40 days of almost everything.. I’m too greedy to give up.. even without taking into account religion, a period of light meals is really good for your body, especially before summertime when you want to be fit for “bikini trial” eh eh eh!! 

Coming back to Easter, “palms’ Sunday” (Domenica delle palme) is the Sunday before Easter, day when it’s remembered the start of Christ’s passion as well as his last days on the Earth. If you go to the church you can get an “olive’s branch” (ramo di ulivo), as a symbol of peace.


Now I’m going to explain the funniest part of this holiday.. yes because few days before Easter we use to boil eggs, paint them and decorate them! In the following days, those eggs are brought to the church to bless them; they will then become your holy breakfast on Easter’s sunday morning! 


It’s time to prepare the house, especially the living room where you’ll have your Easter lunch with your family and friends; first of all, you need an aperitivo!! Really popular in Italy! You can give to your guests a slice of “crescia di pasqua” ( with slices of salami and pecorino cheese.. and a glass of wine too of course! 


For lunch, usually we serve roasted lamb! For dessert let a sweet “colomba” fly onto your table… an Italian must have! 


 The best and happiest moment for children is when they receive chocolate eggs wrapped in a colored paper with surprise inside! 


But keep in mind that it’s not only for children, it’s lovely for adults too, especially if you order to a confectioner a personalized chocolate egg whit a special gift (one you have chosen yourself).

The are a huge variety of chocolate eggs.. 


I hope I raised some curiosity about italian Easter, so maybe next year you’ll come and see Italy during Spring and take that opportunity for eating typical food! 

Happy Easter! BUONA PASQUA! 



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